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Current Job Openings:

St Louis Metro

Are you interested in providing services to individuals with autism spectrum disorder and developmental disabilities in a residential setting and possibly in the natural home? We are hiring for evening and weekend employment with full-time potential around St. Louis County and/or St. Louis City, MO. $11.00/hr starting pay.
Are you interested in providing services to individuals with autism spectrum disorder and developmental disabilities in a residential setting? We are hiring for part-time employment with full-time potential in the St. Louis Metro area. $11.00 – $12.00/hr starting pay.
Job Description
Are you looking to help make a difference in the lives of people with autism? We are looking for you! Come join our team and be a part of our growing agency!

Position summary

The Home Manager is responsible for assistance in the coordination, implementation, evaluation and oversight of a specific home (ISL) in the residential program, under the direction and supervision of the Hub Director. He or she helps ensure that ISL follows guidelines set forth by funding agencies and accrediting bodies.

Core functions

● Provides direct instruction, support and supervision to ISL residents both in the home and in the community.

● Oversight and coordination of support and services within the ISL for all residents. This includes the writing of daily schedules, taking into account individual needs, scheduling medical appointments and follow up, menu planning, etc.

● Oversee scheduling of direct care staff to make certain staffing patterns are upheld

● Perform monthly duties and document as according to DMH guidelines

● Assist in the planning, development and implementation of Individual Support Plans/Person Centered Plans and Behavior Development Plans for ISL residents.

● Provide support to residents’ families and maintain open communication

● Professionally represent Judevine in the community, with other professional networks and at professional networking meetings.

● Maintain daily and monthly paperwork neatly and accurately. Additionally, paperwork must be turned in according to deadlines given.

● Provide supervision to residential direct care staff, giving constructive feedback in regard to job performance.

● Train and provide on-the-job orientation and mentoring to new Judevine employees.

● Be on call as necessary for emergency situations and scheduling conflicts.

● Professionally represent Judevine in community.

Core competencies

● Knowledge of treatment and training for individuals with developmental disabilities

● Emerging leadership skills. Good communication skills.

● Proven ability to maintain positive professional relationship with families, employers, and community members.

● Ability to think and act independently and according to agency policies

● Ability to apply Judevine training methodologies on the job.

● Dependable and reliable attendance


Education: Degree in Human Services field preferred

Experience: At least three years of experience working with people with developmental disabilities.

Other: Flexibility and willingness to adapt to program needs

Must be able to pass background check, have valid auto insurance, and reliable transportation.





Essential Job Functions:

Provide direct services in a residential setting. This includes planning sessions, implementing treatment protocols, taking required data, monitoring progress and completing appropriate paperwork
Conduct sessions using best practices and implement changes as client needs change based on the data.
Assist in the creation of individual goals that are realistic and achievable in accordance with the Individual Support Plan.
Record data for each goal during each session and record the data on a daily progress note along with a daily summary of progress detailing goals worked on, any changes or progress
Work closely with home manager, behavior analyst and rest of team to create, change, and adapt treatment for client
Build and maintain professional rapport with client and client’s family in accordance to ethical standards of conduct
Job Requirements:

High school diploma or GED required, some college or Bachelor degree (in human service area) preferred
Minimum of one-year experience working with people with developmental disabilities.
Must have reliable transportation and valid auto insurance
Strong written and communication skills
Able to work independently and problem solve
Some knowledge of autism, applied behavior analysis, and/or best practices in the field of autism is helpful but not required, as agency provides training
Willingness to secure Class E chauffer’s license
Pass criminal and family care safety registry background screenings

Position summary

Responsible for providing direct implementation of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Services to children on the autism spectrum so that they are enabled to reach his/her full potential and improve behavior, communication, social and functional skills. Targeted areas to improve may include bathing, toileting, grooming, exercise and extensions of other forms of therapy. The Registered Behavior Technician will follow the treatment plan developed by the supervising BCBA or BCaBA which can also include staff training, recreation and leisure activities, teaching functional communication, achieving increased independence, productivity, and inclusion in the community. This position will entail working directly with children and adults providing instruction following the methodology of applied behavior analysis.

Core functions

• Establishes and maintains therapeutic relationship by pairing self as reinforcement and building the clients motivation for social interaction with the RBT
• Provides prompts for safe and socially acceptable replacement behaviors in order to build a repertoire of communication, social interaction, and problem solving skills
• Fades prompts as appropriate to promote successful and independent responding
• Ensures an increase in frequency/duration of safe and appropriate behaviors by providing the individual access to reinforcers (desired tangibles, attention, or removal of demands)
• Accurately and neatly collects behavior data including: ABC, frequency, duration, latency, inter-response time, event, and interval based recording.
• Maintaining and submitting paperwork according to deadlines including, but not limited to timesheets, data logs, and session notes
• Follows the treatment plan goals and interventions utilizing sound judgment and seeking out appropriate consultation
• Educate parents on reinforcement and early intervention information. Offering suggestions of incorporating individualized goals into family’s daily routine.
• Educates all those involved about the role of ABA based interventions and the RBT role, and functions within boundaries of the RBT role in providing treatment
• Provide systematic, positive and functional programming to all clients
• Participate as a team member in mandatory staff meetings.
• Participate and contribute to department and agency as an active team member
• Maintain professional relationship with individuals, families, community members, and Judevine staff
• Represent self and agency in a professional manner, providing public relations when necessary
• Assist in the development of community volunteer sites as necessary and/or required

Core competencies

• Ability to work independently and/or in a team setting
• Ability to apply Judevine training methodologies on the job
• Maintain all trainings, certifications, and/or licensure as required
• Knowledge of ABA programs and implementation for individuals with autism spectrum disorder
• Ability to turn constructive feedback from supervisor(s), data, and families into improvements quickly and efficiently
• Dependable and reliable attendance


Education: High school diploma/some college and Registered Behavior Technician Credential preferred.

Experience: Experience working with people with autism spectrum disorder is helpful but not a must.

Other: Must pass criminal and family care safety registry background screenings. Must be willing to accept and learn from training provided. If not yet credentialed, this will include 40 hours of training, passing the RBT Competency Assessment, and the RBT exam. Also, must be willing to travel throughout surrounding area in order to provide in home services.

Pay: $11.00/hour without RBT Certification
$12.00-$20.00/hour with RBT certification depending on experience and degree.

The position involves serving clients and families in a closely defined geographical area where BCBA knows the community in order to serve the client most efficiently. Work involves networking with funding and referral sources in the community and facilitating the development of behavioral and related support services which expand the service provision in that community.
Core functions
• Ability to think both analytically and creatively
• Ability to work collaboratively with fellow behavior analysts and other professionals and staff
• Knowledge in conducting assessments including FBA, VB-MAPP, ADOS 2, ABBLS, etc.
• Develop Functional Behavioral Assessments and Behavior Analysis Support Plans
• Delivery of services in a variety of settings including family homes, community, schools, and clinic
• Train, supervise and monitor Registered Behavior Technicians
• Provide direct behavioral interventions in individual and group sessions
• Graph data in a standardized format
• Complete daily, monthly, quarterly, and annual paperwork in timely manner
• Ensure all criteria meet DMH, Insurance company, Medicaid and Certification standards and local behavior committee requirements.
• Work with varying professionals including doctors, psychiatrists, speech therapists, and occupational therapist to develop and implement individualized goals and checklists.
• Maintain professional and technical knowledge by attending conferences, reviewing professional publications, attaining Continuing Education Credits
• Ensure all ethical procedures and guidelines are met per JCA and BACB policy
• Attend family team meetings and agency management meetings
• Participate in internal agency quality review meetings and activities related to state/national certification
• Conduct in-service training where necessary
• Participate in behavior committee to review procedures and treatment plans
• Develop policies and procedures for crisis situations
• Provide support in a crisis
• Timely and accurate documentation of incidents and plan
• Timely and accurate billing documentation
Education: Master’s degree, BCBA, and LBA
Job Type: Full or Part-Time available

After submitting an application through our website, please notify Lisa Goolsby, VP Programs, Thanks!

Jefferson County

Are you interested in providing services to individuals with autism spectrum disorder and developmental disabilities in a residential setting? We are hiring for evening and weekend employment with full-time potential around Jefferson County, MO. $11.00/hr starting pay.
Judevine® Center for Autism has multiple part-time positions open to work one-on-one providing ABA therapy, working with individuals ages 3-22 years-old with autism. Potential hours cover M-F from 3:00 pm – 8:00 pm, Sat/Sun from 8am-8pm, and are based on consumer and employee availability. Additional hours may be available in the future and during school breaks.
High school diploma required.

Additional requirements after hire include Class E license, CPR/First Aid training, Mandt training, Judevine® trainings, and a 40 hour Registered Behavior Technician certification program and exam. These trainings will be provided.
$11.00/ hour without RBT certification
$12.00-$14.00/hour with RBT certification depending on experience and degree.

Northwest Missouri: Hannibal & Kirksville

Are you interested in providing services to individuals with autism spectrum disorder and developmental disabilities in a residential setting? We are hiring for evening and weekend employment with full-time potential around Hannibal, MO. $11.00/hr starting pay.
Judevine Center for Autism has a 10 hr position open M-F from 3:00-5:00p in Louisiana, MO working one-on-one providing ABA therapy with a young child with autism.

Work with additional clients may be offered in the future.

High school diploma required.

Additional requirements after hire will be a Class E license, CPR/First Aid training, Judevine online trainings and a 40 hr Registered Behavior Technician certification.

$11.00/hour without RBT certification
$12.00-$14.00/hour with RBT certification depending on experience and degree.

Judevine Center for Autism is looking for a part-time certified Special Education Teacher for preschool-elementary students with Autism… MUST HAVE A SPED TEACHING CERTIFICATE to apply…Training in Applied Behavior Analysis preferred. This will include planning and implementing daily lessons in accordance with the individual’s IEP goals, working one-on-one with students, and assisting with some administrative duties if needed. Must be flexible and have a positive attitude. High school diploma and a clean driving record required. Additional requirements after hire will be a Class E license, CPR/First Aid training, and Judevine online trainings. These trainings will be provided. Location: Louisiana, MO
10 – 20 hours per week
We are looking to hire a part-time licensed BCBA based out of Hannibal, Mo and serving the surrounding area. The position could grow into full-time, but currently involves serving clients and families in the individual’s homes after school along with training/supervising Registered Behavior Technicians as they assist with services in the home. Qualification’s include BCBA certification and license. Looking for an individual to join an established and growing team in Northeast Missouri. Must be willing to travel and have clean driving record. CPA and MANDT training will be provided.

Southwest Missouri: Springfield & Joplin

Are you interested in providing services to individuals with autism spectrum disorder and developmental disabilities in a residential setting? We are hiring for full-time/part-time employment around Springfield & Joplin, MO. $11.00/hr starting pay.

Come join our great team in Southwest Missouri!

Essential Job Functions:

Provide consultation and training to families with children/adults with autism
Provide clinical services to individuals and their families with autism
Provide IEP school consultation/advocacy
Travel to consumers’ homes in the Southwest Missouri area to provide services
Teach and help coordinate respite/social skills groups Respond to crisis situations
Keep in contact with consumers, their families, and support coordinators
Return phone calls to clients in a timely manner
Schedule appointments with families and keep accurate documentation of services provided per DMH standards
Write monthly summaries for consumers within given deadlines
Work with in team setting to help plan events and clinical services
Job Requirements:

Bachelor degree in human service area is required
Preferred: someone with knowledge and interest in applied behavior analysis
At least 1 year experience working with autism and related developmental disabilities in the past 5 years is required
Evenings and some weekends are required
Experience with DMH related services is a plus, but not required
Strong written and communication skills
Reliable transportation and current auto insurance
Willingness to travel throughout Southwest Missouri (mileage is reimbursed)
Must be able to pass background check Willingness to obtain Class E driver’s license
Salary: $30,000/year+ depending on education/experience

For more information contact:

Lisa Goolsby,
VP of Programs