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Ipad Donation April 6th,2017

Shine A Light For Autism, located in Hannibal, MO recently donated an Ipad and Itunes gift cards to purchase Proloque2go. This donation was specifically designated for a young client with autism to increase his communication skills before entering kindergarten. Carrie Noland, a representative for the organization is pictured along with Neil and Sandra Feldewerth, the Director and BCBA in Northeast, MO.

Judevine® Employees Attend Social Thinking® Conference
March 28th – 31st,2017

From March 28 through March 31, three Judevine Center for Autism® employees spent full days learning and being trained in the Social Thinking® theories and curriculum. Sandra Feldewerth, MS, BCBA, LBA, Jaimee Miller, MS, Kirksville Coordinator, and Monica Doerr, MS, CCC-SLP, Clinic Coordinator, each participated in the four-day workshop. Topics included: “Teaching Social Thinking in the Preschool and Early Elementary Years,” “What’s Play Got To Do With Classroom Learning?,” “Zooming In: Strategies for Concrete Learners,” and “Zooming In: Strategies for Individuals with Subtle but Significant Social Problems.”
Presented by Kari Zweber Palmer, MA CCC-SLP, Nancy Tarshis MA, MS CCC-SLP, Dr. Pamela Crooke PhD, CCC-SLP, and Michelle Garcia Winner MA CCC-SLP, the interactive workshops provided background information and theoretical frameworks to teaching social competencies. In addition, they outlined specific curriculums with corresponding strategies and activities. Judevine® purchased complete sets of materials to be used in their clinics around the state, and is in the process of setting up additional group opportunities in the summer.
Throughout the conference, Sandra Feldewerth, Jaimee Miller, and Monica Doerr were able to discuss and share ideas regarding the overlap between behavior, language, social competencies, and how this affects their work. Monica Doerr reflected, “I’m thankful for the opportunity to learn from top experts in the field, and to come away with information and materials that immediately change the way that I think and teach.”
Contact Judevine Center for Autism® at 800-780-6545 or for more information regarding current and upcoming services and programs.

Come join other parents as you learn from Judevine trained specialists about a variety of topics. The first session is Thursday, February 23 at 6-7:30PM. Please RSVP to Monica Doerr at 314-588-8986 or

Judevine Center for Autism has expanded offices at the Craig Road location in order to make room for a new clinic and expanding Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services. The clinic, “Roots on Craig,” includes designated areas for gross motor needs, sensory needs, reading, younger children structured play, older client work and recreation stations, observations, and assessments. Using this space and additional training rooms, Judevine Center for Autism also has immediate plans to re-establish the world renowned parent training program.