Jefferson County Hub

The Jefferson County Hub, located in House Springs, MO, opened in 2012 in order to bring services closer for individuals and families living in Jefferson County. The Hub is just south of St. Louis, and is under the leadership of Dana Allen, Hub Director. Dana holds a Master of Arts Degree in Counseling and Psychology, and is pursuing her Board Certified Behavior Analysis Certification at this time.
Many individuals have found a wide diversity of services to meet their needs in Jefferson County.  Assessments toward an autism diagnosis are very important in accessing other needed services.  In Jefferson County, in-home parent support and consultation services are provided.  Behavior analytic services are widely used as well as behavioral personal assistance. 
Noteworthy, has been the addition of residential services in Jefferson County. Fifteen (15) individuals currently receive the supports they need to live in their own homes. Currently, there are six (homes) in operation and more are planned in the future. The expansion of residential services has enabled many individuals to remain close to family and friends in this county.
Because of the huge demand for Judevine services in Jefferson County, plans are underway to expand services including day habilitation, community integration, and job preparation services for individuals.
At the current Hub location in House Springs, individuals may participate in center-based services, community integration services, work and volunteer experience, and supported employment services. Individuals are fully integrated into their community, working and volunteering, as well as enjoying social activities. 
Interestingly, the community support for the Jefferson County Hub was recently demonstrated by a training seminar hosted by the Jefferson County Law Enforcement Academy in which the Director of Special Programs, Rick Goolsby, and the Hub Director, Dana Allen, both participated and provided information to law enforcement candidates. The candidates then received first-hand experience and training by spending a half-day with individuals at the Day Habilitation site.


  • Day Habilitation Services and Community Integration
  • Supported Employment
  • Behavior Therapy
  • Behavioral Personal Assistant Services
  • Behavioral Intervention Services
  • Parent Training Services
  • Social Skills Training
  • Residential Services
  • Assessment
  • Consultation

Director of
Jefferson County Hub

Carrie Williams

4400 Kennerly Park Road
House Springs, MO 63051