A Thinking Set That Works

Judevine values the contributions all individuals make to our community. Judevine will act consistently with the belief that all individuals deserve the opportunities available to anyone else their age in their community. All individuals can live productive and satisfying lives in their community. Judevine focuses on supporting individuals to realize their goals and dreams and Judevine uses that as the driving force of the organization.

Judevine works in partnership with individuals, their families, and other agencies in recognizing the contributions each can make in the individual’s life.

Judevine recognizes the value of a team approach to designing and providing individually directed services and facilitates the use of support teams. In all instances, Judevine’s commitment remains to provide supports and services which are consistent with the needs and desires of the individual receiving services. We support family members and other partners who join us in this activity.

Judevine utilizes change and innovation in creating a service delivery system that will facilitate individuals accessing services and supports in their home community.

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    The First Value

    Judevine believes the individual with autism spectrum disorder is first and foremost a person.

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    The Second Value

    Judevine believes that an important and fundamental part of our philosophy is the value we place on the families’ knowledge, participation, and contribution toward the treatment of their family member with autism spectrum disorder.

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    The Third Value

    Judevine believes that a firm positive and consistent attitude toward behavior and learning is effective in guiding the person and his or her family toward optimal qualities of life.

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    The Fourth Value

    Judevine believes in being ethical and honest.

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    The Fifth Value

    Judevine believes that we are a learning organization that values the contributions, teamwork, collaboration, planning and problem solving qualities in our staff.

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    The Sixth Value

    Judevine believes that connections to individuals’ communities and families mean that with proper support, anyone can live in the community and receive supports close to where they live.

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    The Seventh Value

    Judevine believes that the principles of behavior theory underlie a positive approach to supporting people with autism spectrum disorder and their families.

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